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Rye Flapjacks ( Havre bar)

Something sweet for #ryejanuary


200g butter

50g honey

100g soft light brown sugar

75g date molasses

250g rolled oats

100g rye flakes

75g chopped apricots

75g sultanas


Preheat your oven to 160c/325f and Gas mark 3.

On a low flame, melt your butter, honey, sugar, date molasses and add a pic of salt.

While this is melting on the stove, measure out the oats and rye flakes.

Set aside the melted butter and sugar mixture.

Chop your apricots into decent chunks.

Add all the ingredients together. We suggest putting the melted butter mixture into a mixing bowl and then adding the oats, rye flakes and dried fruit.

With a bigger bowl it's easier to mix everything together. Yes its more washing up but in the long run you'll have a better result.

Place the mixture in your lined brownie tin.

Bake for around 20 to 25 minutes. If you like your flapjacks hard and crunchy go for a little longer but just keep a watchful eye.

Here at HQ we like them gooey.

Once out of the oven, using a knife, mark where the slices will be; then wait for the flapjacks to cool down completely and cut thru.

In this cold weather, these are a great pick me up - Enjoy !


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