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Romkugler - Rum Balls

Using any leftover sponge cake, or pastries or cake.


500g left over cake

30g raspberry jam

100g icing sugar

30g cocoa powder

100g butter

1 large tablespoon of rum

50g oats

Chocolate strands to decorate


Put all the ingredients in a mixer to make a form of paste.

Taste and add any more rum, jam or cocoa. Imagine that you are making a chocolate flavoured paste like marzipan.

Leave in the fridge for over an hour.

Take out and roll into balls, around 40g each. If you hands get too hot, put them under the cold tap. Once you have rolled all the paste, roll them into the chocolate strands or coconut if you prefer, or both.

Great with strong coffee after dinner or for elevenses.

Keep in the fridge.

Nyd ! (Means enjoy in Danish)

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