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Muesli Breakfast Bread

Packed with oats and dried fruit, this is half cake half bread and so delicious.


First make the ferment, ideally the night before

200g strong wholemeal

200g water

30g honey

15g fresh yeast

For the main dough you will need;

200g water

250 strong white

50g rye flour

10g fine sea salt

180g muesli

50 g dried apricots

50g dried prunes

50g oats


This bread is best made using a mixer with the dough handle. You can make it by hand but it is easiest with a machine.

Start off by mixing the water into the ferment and then pouring it into the mixer. Then add the flours, salt and yeast. Mix for 5 minutes on slow speed and then turn it up to medium speed for 11 minutes and finally 3 minutes on maximum speed or until the edges of the bowl are clean and the dough comes away from the sides.

Add the apricots, chopped prunes, muesli and oats and mix on slow speed for 1 minute.

Using a dough scraper, get the dough out of the bowl, shape and leave in a clean bowl. Cover with clingfilm and leave to double in size.

Once it's doubled in size, remove from bowl,shape and place in two small loaf tins, ideally 450 g tins.

Leave to prove for a good hour, and bake in a pre-heated oven at 220 for 22 minutes.

Remove from tin and leave to cool on a rack covered with a tea towel.

Enjoy !

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