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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Why we have never made these before !

They are easy, moorish and can be made in under 15 minutes.


30g butter ( you can use vegan butter if you want)

160g dark chocolate

60g smooth peanut butter

12 ginger nut cookies

Sea salt


We used one of mince pie tins, they are shallow muffin tins with 12 holes.

Grease and set to one side.

Crush the cookies, with a rolling pin or in a blender. Once crushed add the butter and the peanut butter and blend. You can do this all by hand, but it is easier in a mixer or a hand stick blender.

Once you have done this melt the chocolate. Do this slowly in a pan over gentle heat.

Leave too cool while you spoon 2 teaspoons of the cookie butter mixture into the muffin holes. Push it down with the back of the spoon so that its nice and tight.

Then pour two teaspoons of the melted chocolate on-top and sprinkle with sea salt.

Put in the freezer for two hours. To remove these delicious chocolate peanut butter cups you need a blunt knife to score around the edges to get them out. Alternatively you can use muffin cases.

Store in a bag in the freezer. Makes a great hot weather treat.You can also serve these as a dessert with espresso coffee post dinner party or BBQ.


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