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Easy Plant Based Summer Bread Sticks

These aren't as difficult as they might look. Try them, you'll like them.


500 grams strong white bread flour

10 grams fresh yeast or 7 grams dried yeast

10 grams salt

350 grams water (weighed)

Filling: Vegan Pesto - we use the Sacla brand


Pre-heat your oven to 220c/ 420f and gas mark 7.

Measure the flour out into a bowl. Crumble the fresh yeast into the flour on one side of the bowl till it resembles a crumble mixture, then add the salt to the flour on the other side of the bowl. The reason we do this is that if the yeast and salt mix directly, it inhibits the natural process of the yeast.

Measure the water for accuracy and add to the flour mixture.

Use your dough scraper ( if you have one ) to mix it all together in the bowl. Then gently turn out onto your surface and start the kneading.

Continue this process for 15 minutes, or until the dough is very smooth and bouncy to touch and no longer sticky.

Place a tea towel over the dough, and let it prove in a draft free place for an hour until it has doubled in size.

Grease your flat tray, once your dough has proved, gently ease it out of the bowl with the help of your dough scraper. Shape it gently into a rectangle, at this stage try not to stretch the dough but let it keep its natural shape at this stage.

Spread your mixture across the rectangle shaped dough with a spatula or blunt knife. Then fold one side into the middle, do the same with the other side, seal in the middle. Once it is sealed, use your dough scraper to slice strips, then twist them into bread sticks. Don’t worry if the filling falls out as they will always taste delicious.

Bake in your oven at 220 degrees for 10 -12 minutes.


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