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Join our virtual wellness retreat

Saturday 3rd April


 The perfect


We are delighted to be collaborating with yoga expert Luke Bradshaw and floor barre sensation, Ellya Sam, to bring you an online wellness retreat to balance your mind, body and soul. Even your tastebuds will feel reinvigorated!

The 4-hour online wellness retreat will feature a baking master class with Dough & Daughters where you will learn to make a wholesome and hearty loaf. Whilst waiting for the dough to prove you can take part in a full-body workout with a dynamic vinyasa yoga class from Luke Bradshaw. Then it's back to bread making to get your loaf in the oven. An uplifting floor barre session with Ellya Sam will help you feel refreshed whilst the bread bakes.

And after all that, you get to savour your beautiful freshly baked loaf. It's the perfect combination to relax, revive and learn something new.

We have created two different packages, one priced at £75 which is for one person, however if you and your housemates, or family members would like to join then the price is £100 for one log in.

Meet your hosts for the day...


Jennifer Burgos

Jennifer is the founder of Dough and Daughters. She has held a high profile media job and launched Dough and Daughters with her two daughters in 2018. They recently featured in WalesOnline as businesses run by Mother and Daughters.


When Isla is not baking she is doing a Masters in Urban Design & City Planning at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture.


Jennifer and Isla will teach you all the skills you need to create the perfect loaf.

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Luke Bradshaw

Luke has taught yoga since 2014. In that time he has held classes across London and internationally for various yoga studios, gyms and dance companies. 


Alongside his work as a yoga teacher, he worked as a professional dancer for many years. It’s here that he began to hone his ideas around movement and the human form. He is now studying for a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and is a fully qualified sports massage therapist. He is currently the Head Trainer of Body Weight Strength for BLOK.

Luke will be your yoga instructor for the day.

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Ellya Sam

Ellya is the Head Trainer for Barre at Blok London. She was awarded Instructor of the Year on Classpass in 2018 and nominated again in 2019 for Best Instructor in London. She has been featured in British Vogue, Time Out London and The Evening Standard and has taught her method of barre globally.

Ellya will guide you through a fun floor barre session.

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Schedule for the day

8.45 am      The wellness retreat begins - outline running order of the day 

9.00 am      Make the dough for your loaf and set it aside to prove

9.40 am      Yoga session with Luke - an hour 

10.45 am    Knock back the dough for your loaf and set aside for more proving

11.00 am    Time for a break & any questions

11.15 am    The bread goes in the oven

11.20 am    Floor barre session with Ellya
12.00 pm    Time to take the bread out of the oven

12.15 pm    Relax and savour your freshly baked loaf and chat with new friends

The above is subject to change on the day 

What you'll need on the day

This retreat has been designed to be fun and easy to follow along with for anyone no matter what your baking or fitness ability. All you need is comfortable clothing, yoga matt and an apron. When you book your place we'll send you a short ingredients list as well as a complimentary dough scraper (while they last) and let you know what equipment you'll need to bake a delicious loaf.

Share your baking triumphs

We can't wait to see what you make. Share your winning loaves using the hashtag #ownyourdough

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