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It was wonderful to welcome Kate Humble into our home kitchen.


Kate Humble's

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We believe that everyone can make bread, it just takes information, practice and confidence.


The magic is in the mixture of yeast, flour, water and salt.


It's a tradition in our family, bread making, and I have so many childhood memories not just of my mother but my grandmother baking.  And it's wonderful to be able to pass the skills on to my daughters.


The inspiring thing about baking at home, you can produce anything from a Danish raisin and caraway bread to a simple white basic loaf or the traditional Scandinavian oat and treacle bread, the one Kate Humble and I made and features in her new book 'A Year of Living Simply'.


As I said to Kate when we were chatting, “ I just love making bread. I never tire of it. If I’m feeling down or exhausted or dealing with a lot of stress at work, I come home and make bread. It's a simple cure for everything.”


At Dough & Daughters we firmly believe everyone can learn to make bread, gain the confidence and skills and learn to "read the dough.”


But be warned, it can become a habit. 


'The dough is not ready till it's like the belly of the nun that has never seen the sun'

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Bake this deliciously simple Scandinavian oat and treacle loaf featured in the video using just store cupboard ingredients. 



Online Christmas courses

If you would like to learn how to make gorgeous Danish Christmas bread, why not join us for one of our virtual classes?

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