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About us

At Dough and Daughters, we love baking. It's part of who we are and what we do. A freshly baked loaf has the ability to calm the soul, stop a family argument and fill the house with comforting smells.


In our household baking has been passed down from grandmother to mother, and now to daughters. It has always been part of our DNA, part of the everyday.


At Dough and Daughters, we love to share food, stories and come around the table to discuss the day. At the same time we may be tearing open a fresh poppy seed bun, or fighting over some rosemary and garlic Focaccia.


Jennifer is behind our philosophy, simply put; its a passion for baking and its knowledge that turns flour and water into dough. 


David and Jennifer live in the Black Mountains Wales and have two daughters, Ellie and Isla who from an early age were given dough to play with. Instead of play-doh they had small baking tins and were allowed to experiment, roll, push and knead.


Time spent learning to make bread is never wasted.We know what it's like to live in the fast lane, so we do hope you will make the time to learn the art of making bread, glorious bread with us at Dough and Daughters (and in case you were wondering we love when sons join our classes as well!).

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