Nordic Baking

Nordic Baking


On the Nordic baking course we embrace the ‘Hygge’ of baking.


We learn to make the famous Scandinavian Rye bread, which is wonderfully healthy and full of omega 3, 6 and 9. We also master the classic Cinnamon Bun, and we make Caraway and raisin bread, or our signature Danish Oat and Treacle loaf, which is delicious with smoked salmon or avocado.


And on some courses we do rolls, Spelt and Anise rolls, Raisin Spelt buns, Cardamon buns and Rye rolls.


Ontop of breads, we also make Danish Kiks ( Kiks is Danish for Cookie ).


We are very proud to be featured in Kate Humble's latest book, A Year of Living Simply
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